B5: Getting started with US funding opportunities

Jani Haapakoski, Oulun yliopisto
Aiheet: 2. Yhteistyö. Aloittelija

The United States is a major player globally in terms of R&D investment and cutting-edge research, making the country an attractive partner for Finnish Higher Education sector. Although the research grants in the US are awarded mainly for domestic applicants, there still exist many opportunities for non-US parties. As the US funding landscape is rather diverse with federal agencies, HE institutions, non-profit organisations and businesses involved in the grant-making, getting started can be an intimidating prospect. One of the ways to approach the funding opportunities is through forming networks with US partners and there are resources available for this purpose in Finland.

In the proposed session, we will include talks from the Fulbright Foundation Finland and the Finnish-American Research and Innovation Accelerator (FARIA) who will share information on tools and best practices on how to initiate and expand you networks in the US.

The session is aimed at pre-grant research administration experts at the Finnish HE institutions interested in expanding their US grant opportunities and networks.


  • Emmi Jelenkäinen, Program Specialist, the Fulbright Finland Foundation
  • Dr. Jérôme Rickmann, Senior Adviser, Aalto University/ Finnish American Research and Innovation Accelerator (Faria) network