A4: Looking after DORA during the grant application process

Cornelia Thomas, University of Helsinki
Aiheet: 1. Vastuullisuus, Yleinen

A case study to spark discussion and exchange of experiences.  We will remind ourselves what DORA (Declaration on Research Assessment) covers, and how it fits into the wider assessment of research. In Finland the declaration has been signed by major funders and several universities, and a taskforce, the Responsible Research Network, Finland, has published a national recommendation for responsible research evaluation.  We will look at anecdotal cases of what happens in practice during proposal preparation and where research support professionals may be faced with conflicts regarding the implementation of DORA.  In particular we will explore the following questions:

• How can we maintain a level playing field for all applicants to a given call, irrespective of whether the funder and/or employing or hosting institution is a DORA signatory?

• Who is responsible for implementing DORA during the grant application process, and where can this be done effectively – at applicant, institution or funder level? 

The session aims at encouraging exchange of experiences and best practice approaches and ultimately to find a way of working with funders on improving application processes.